La Pergola restaurant was founded in 1935 in Brussels, near Heysel.

It was originally a tea room which quickly evolved into a renowned restaurant in the region.

Over the years, La Pergola has become a meeting place for people from all walks of life, from political figures to local celebrities to families and friends.

The restaurant has also witnessed many historical events, including World War II and the construction of the Atomium.

In the 1950s, La Pergola became a reference place for professional and private events. Many companies have chosen the restaurant to organize business meals and prestigious events.

Over the years, La Pergola has known several owners and has become an institution of Brussels gastronomy. In 1983, the restaurant was taken over by the Verbruggen family, who modernized the facilities while preserving the charm and atmosphere of the establishment.

In the 1990s, La Pergola was renovated to give it a more contemporary look while retaining its timeless style. Many artists have exhibited their works in the dining rooms of the restaurant, thus reinforcing its image as a cultural and friendly place.

During the 2000s, La Pergola continued to be a place of reference for Belgian and international gastronomy, while offering special events such as theme evenings and wine tastings. The restaurant has also participated in several culinary events, winning prizes and thus reinforcing its reputation as a Mecca for Brussels gastronomy.

Today, La Pergola continues to serve quality food in an elegant and historic setting. With its terrace offering a magnificent view and its warm interior, it is the ideal place to enjoy refined cuisine and have a good time with friends or family.